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290% more conductive

We claim the NEOS is 290% more conductive than some electric heaters because the NEOS radiator is made from aluminium. Aluminium as a material is 290% more conductive (better at conducting / moving heat) than mild steel, which most other electric heaters are made from. Steel has a conductivity of 10.1 x 106 Siemens/m whereas aluminium 36.9 x 106 Siemens/m; so aluminium is more than three times as conductive as steel. (In simple terms, mild steel holds on to heat whilst aluminium gets rid of heat).

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250% longer-life span

We claim the NEOS has a 250% longer life span than some electric heaters, this is because the NEOS has a 25-year guarantee, whereas some electric heaters, like those you can buy that have minimal guarantee ranging from 1 to 2 years.

Argos Convector Heater
Screw Fix Oil Filled Heater
Castle Panel Heater

The reason why we give a 25-year guarantee is because all our radiators are made with premium materials, made in Britain, sustainably designed to last, with a modular design so the main body of the radiator should never need to be replaced, this means you should not need to pay for another radiator for the next 25 years.

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59.4% more effective & 50% Lower Running Costs

We claim the NEOS is 59.4% more effective compared to some other electric heaters. This is based on our findings with the University of Huddersfield when we tested a typical electric heater and a typical panel heater against the NEOS electric radiator.

During the 24-hour test, the thermostat was set to maintain 20 degrees. During that 24-hour period, the 1.2kW NEOS radiator only used 12.20kW of energy which is 59.4% less energy than the 1.2kW electric panel heater used (30.09kW). This is why we claim the NEOS radiator is 59.4% more effective and has 50% lower running costs than some electric heaters.

See further evidence in our Running Cost Guide

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