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Giving you that extra peace of mind & warmth 365 days a year for just 59p a day!

At Trust Electric Heating, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Providing the best service possible, supported by an optional industry leading care package, for the ultimate peace of mind was high on our agenda. With this in mind, we felt our TrustCare package should cover all and any unforeseen costs:

Refresh, heating, service, call out costs and upto a 50% reduction in installation costs

When we designed the neos we aimed to maintain a high standard of excellence and innovation in our product. The same thought process has gone into our TrustCare package - we are realists and know that somethings may not always go to plan, this is why we designed the TrustCare Package - it's essentially designed to keep you warm without any worry 365 days a year!

So, what do you actually get?

1. 24/7 Peace of Mind

With the TrustCare Package, all of your radiators are covered, which means you don't have to worry if anything goes wrong as we will come and fix it.

2. No Call Out Charges

Under this warranty you pay NO CALL OUT CHARGES - this can save you upto £160 per call out!

3. 1 Yearly REFRESH

You can request 1 refresh (top, side and front panel) every year for 1 radiator - this means you basically get a brand new radiator every year!

4. Annual SERVICE

You can also request a service for all of your radiators - this means we will open and test each radiator to make sure they are still working efficiently.


You can request a custom RAL colour refresh, which means if you change the colour of your room, you can change your radiator colour for a fraction of the cost!

6. Supplementary Heating

Here at Trust, we are realists, so we understand that sometimes your heating may break - this is why we offer supplementary heating FREE, giving you that extra WARMTH.

7. Dedicated Contact

With the TrustCare Package, you will get an assigned acount manager as we love to keep things personal!

8. Warmth 365 Days a Year

We guarantee you warmth all year round - as your heating is completely covered - NO MATTER THE WEATHER

9. Efficient Heating for Life

We promise that your heater will be as efficient as the day you bought it - under this warranty, we replace all wiring to ensure your radiator pulls the correct kW!


Those signing up upon order will get a reduced installation cost of up to £200!

£17.99 a month 59p a day 18 month minimum contract paid via direct debit


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