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Why is aluminium a good radiator material?

Why is aluminium a good radiator material?

When creating the NEOS, Scott (our inventor) believed that there was another metal that could transfer heat better compared to mild steel. He believed that aluminium was the perfect choice for electric heating systems, specifically radiators. Aluminium has exceptional heat conductivity properties and a lightweight design, he thought aluminium electric radiators would be a great option for homeowners looking to upgrade their heating systems. And he was right…

High Conductivity

So, what makes aluminium the perfect radiator material? One of the key benefits of using aluminium in electric radiators is its high thermal conductivity. This means that aluminium can transfer heat quickly and efficiently (2.9x better than mild steel), ensuring that your room is heated up in no time. This is particularly useful in the colder months when you need to warm up your home quickly. This has several benefits for you, as aluminium electric radiators heat up faster, this means that you don’t have to wait as long for your room to become warm. Also, they need less energy to heat the radiators up and maintain the desired temperature = lower heating bills.


Another benefit of aluminium electric radiators is their lightweight design. Unlike traditional steel radiators, aluminium radiators are much lighter and easier to install. This makes them perfect for older properties, as they can be easily fitted into most spaces without causing any structural damage. For example, our heaters are on average weigh 30kg comparted to mild steel radiators which can weigh up to 120kg.


Aluminium electric radiators are also incredibly durable and long-lasting. Unlike other materials, such as mild steel, aluminium does not rust or corrode, meaning it can be installed in kitchens or anywhere with moisture in the air. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality electric radiator without having to worry about costly repairs or replacements. Alumninium’s durability is why we offer a 25-year guarantee.

100% Recyclable

In addition to its excellent heat conductivity, durability, and lightweight design, aluminium electric radiators are very eco-friendly. Aluminium is a 100% recyclable material, reducing waste and promote sustainable living.

In short, we definitely recommend doing your own research about different materials electric heaters can be made from, but we are sure that aluminium is the most premium out of them all. All the benefits above make it the best choice out of all the metals as it can go in any home, any room for a lifetime.



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