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practical meets stylish - introducing neos

Powerful, efficient and affordable

The neos is the smart and beautiful way to #controltheelements. The most advanced electric radiator available today using recyclable materials and fully recyclable packaging, the neos uses innovative Quadvex convection technology which gives it a high level of performance, efficiency and utilises energy saving controls to meet the demands of a growing and ever-changing market.

Manufactured from aluminium, a rust proof and sustainable material with 2.9 times the conductivity of steel. Aluminium is the ideal material for superior radiators, requiring less energy to start the convection process by heating up faster and dispersing heat more quickly than steel. That in turn, creates a more efficient heating system that drives down your running costs.

Friendly, informative not pushy salesmanship. Fitting was swift, efficient and without leaving any mess. Simple operating instructions an added bonus. Excellent, well done.

Mrs. M. Smith (Driffield)

Informative and not at all pushy. A pleasant experience. Excellent performance from the radiators. Easy to use and effective. Quick and clean installation.

Mr. & Mrs. Teasdale (Leyburn)

Radiator performs perfectly. Very quick installation with no mess and looks great. All very professional and kept us in the picture throughout. Great experience with no issues at all.

Mr. P. Barker (Warwick)

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