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Why Our Prices Are What They Are

Why Our Prices Are What They Are

Why Our Prices Are What They Are…

The cost of replacing any heating system can be a tricky subject in our industry, no one likes to talk about money full stop. At Trust, we are transparent about our costs because we know we are not the cheapest option out there. However, we are arguably the most efficient, stylish and innovative modern storage radiators on the market.

Price is a deciding factor when buying anything and more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better, especially in this industry! Although Trust may be on the more on the costly side compared to other options out there, such as plug in space heaters and panel heaters. We believe what matters most is how cost effective it is in years to come, especially with energy prices rising at the moment.

So, first things first, the average cost for our radiator is £925 and there’s abundance of reasons for this costing.

1. Technology

Patented Back Panel

We are the only electric radiator on the market with patented back wall technology! We also have a different front to back panel, we do this because traditionally 40% percent of heat is radiated from the front panel, so it’s also radiated at the back, wasting 40% of your electricity. This means other storage heaters that have the same back and front aren’t cost effective, even with the controllability of a modern storage radiator it’s still wasting heat. 40% of the money you are putting into your radiator is being thrown away heating the back wall.

There is little radiated heat at the back of the NEOS radiator due to patented cool-wall technology. At the back of the radiator, we have put dimples in the radiator that have blocks inside them so the warm air must stay in the radiator rather than go to the back wall resulting in only 5 % heat loss to the back wall compared to a 40%.

Quadvex technology.

Say we have 10 flutes on each side of the radiator, if you put a front panel to the radiator it doubles the number of flutes achieving what a normal German modern storage radiator would with the back and front. Resulting in 20 flutes just at the front of the radiator! The front of a modern storage heater usually has their flutes exposed. By covering our flutes, we double our number of flutes therefore doubling the convection, which is a simple idea, yet we are the only modern storage heater to do this.


Storage element

When our radiator is set to an exact temperature it will use electric get to that temperature and then turn off, but continue to give out heat for upto 40 minutes via the soapstone core. But as soon as it drops one degree below the desired temperature, it will turn back on… And because the temperature hasn’t dropped massively (like it would do with a plug-in heater) it hasn’t got to work hard to get back to set the temperature or use much electricity. The Neos will turn off again once reaching that temperature, saving you electric! It continues to do this in a cycle. We did a study at Huddersfield university; the radiator was in a standard insulated room, we had the radiator on for an 8-hour period and it only consumed 2.5 hours’ worth of electricity. Which in turn saves you a lot of money compared to a plug-in heater that would have to be on for the full 8 hours, this is due to our soapstone core!


2. Materials used to make the NEOS radiator


Soapstone isn’t porous which means water, chemicals and even moisture in the air cannot get into the stone. This is because of the high density, making it highly unlikely to bend, crumple or break. However, Chamotte (clay) which is commonly used as the storage element in most modern storage radiators is porous and will absorb moisture in the air, over time it crumbles. Soapstone tends to last longer than chamotte because of its raincoat like properties. Soapstone is a volcanic rock so as you can guess it likes heat! (Check it can retain thermal energy very well because of its dense structure with a density of about 3 g/cm?3; whereas clay has 1.6 g/cm3 density. Soapstone has 20% greater heat capacity than chamotte, this means your storage element will emit heat for longer and retain heat better than other stones which leads to balanced and rapid warming.


Most German radiators are made from mild steel because of its durability, and it is cheaper to buy also, how the metal can retain heat. An exceptional quality if you want your heat to stay in your radiators! You need your stone retaining the heat well and a metal that has the capacity to emit the heat well too. Since most German radiators work mostly through radiated heat and not convection, you’re going to be waiting a good while for the heat to warm your space resulting in high running costs.

Whereas a metal like aluminium (which we use) is not only a better conductor (2.9 times more conductive than mild steel) but is also 100% recyclable which is amazing for the environment. It transfers heat into the room more effectively and doesn’t keep that heat hostage. Aluminium is also noncorrosive so no rusting! It is also Nontoxic, sound absorbing, recyclable and lightweight yet durable. Its weight is, 1/3 of the weight of mild steel so it’s ideal for metal appliances that need to be moved and installed. Despite aluminium’s weight it is extraordinarily strong and robust, so it is ideal for a radiator. Aluminium has its very own coat to protect it against harsh weather which stops it from getting yellow like mild steel does, this means minimal maintenance costs.

Thermostats and controllability.

Controllability is important in this day and age with everyone’s busy lives! With our thermostats you get just that. We have three types of thermostats to fit different lifestyles that have a two-five year guarantee. This effects our prices because they are quality thermostats with so much controllability and are easy to use. You could get a thermostat online, but it would lack a guarantee and simplicity and if it did have a guarantee this might be tricky to claim because it might involve a third party. Which is often in other countries. Also it could be easily breakable, especially when most thermostats are made in China cheaply.


3. Awards and Accolades

Made in Britain

We are made in Britain not assembled, one of the benefits of this is your guarantee will be in the UK which means it is easy to get replacement parts. Since most electric radiators are manufactured in Germany, your guarantee will be in Germany which is not ideal especially if something goes wrong. We do not use cheap parts from aboard and this can drive our prices up a little, but we know our materials are top quality!

One of the upsides to this and this is a massive thing for us here at trust is we are using fewer fossil fuels to transport our goods by not flying them overseas. And using locally sourced materials, this supports local UK businesses and the economy.

Our Guarantee

ALL our radiators are ensured with our whopping 25-year guarantee! And this is not always the case with some other companies, some companies do not include the storage element or wiring in the guarantee merely the metal on the outside! And again, your guarantee will be in the UK. Sometimes a guarantee can be passed along to third parties and it’s not with the place you bought the radiators from that has your guarantee. With Trust we’re in based in Leeds and I can see the warehouse workers making radiator sat at my desk in the office so I can ensure you that we are self-made. You are buying heating for life.

Domestic Electric Heating Provider of the Year 2022

Compared to other electric modern storage radiators on the market we’re completely different with the technology we use, to our customer service and what kind of business we thrive to be. We were over the moon to receive this award this year, but we believe it is well deserved as our energy savings are nothing to be argued with!

CE testing

Here at trust, we use Intertek, which is based in Milton Keynes, and is well known for it’s intense testing, and this costs a lot more. But, we know our product is up to standard and ensures a high standard of safety giving you complete peace of mind.


So, now you know why we cost what we do, let us provide you with a rough costing so you can take your first step into heating your home in a renewable and efficient way.

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