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What is Lot 20 and how does it impact the electric heating market?

What is Lot 20 and how does it impact the electric heating market?

Lot 20 is new EU legislation designed to remove inefficient technologies and reduce the energy used by electric products that heat our homes. A directive from the European Ecodesign Directive, Lot 20 came into force on 1 January 2018 and represents one of the biggest shifts for the electric heating market in quite some time as all products must now comply with the new regulations.

In a nutshell, the Directive was put in place to provide a framework of basic requirements to ensure all energy using products would be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

This piece of legislation has been on the table for two years, although those operating beyond the electric heating industry would have been largely unaware of it prior to its recent implementation. So, what does it mean for electric heating?

From January 1 electric heating products will have to meet a minimum efficiency rating which is calculated as a percentage. Electric radiators are all classed as ‘fixed electric local space heaters’, and they must have at least a 38% efficiency rating if they have a nominal heat output above 250W. Each product’s efficiency is calculated by how many energy saving features the product has. In the case of electric radiators this means that all manufacturers now need to include better temperature controls which could include things like digital displays, programmable options and Wifi and or Bluetooth control giving greater management of the product from within and outside of the home.

If you have already purchased electric heaters for your home, you don’t need to worry but if you are in the process of buying or upgrading your electric heating system you must ensure the products installed meet Lot 20 standards.

Lot 20 will affect:

Storage heaters
Direct acting heaters
Portable heaters
Radiant heaters
Electric fires
Gas fires
Underfloor heating
Infra-red heaters

Lot 20 will not affect:

Local space heaters using a vapour compression cycle (heat pumps)
Local space heaters that are specified for outdoor use only
Sauna stoves
Slave heaters
Tubular heaters
Towel rails
Frost protection heaters
Air curtains

At Trust we now offer three different options for the management of our exclusive soapstone radiators which provide superior control and comply with Lot 20 requirements.

For more information on Lot 20 click here

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