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Create the perfect temperature for your home

Create the perfect temperature for your home

It’s cold outside and we want to help you have the perfect temperature for your home. Here are a few tips to help you get a wonderfully heated home:


Do you use a thermostat to set your temperature? If you do then you need to make sure that it is set up correctly, as a thermostat works by recording the ambient air temperature around it. You don’t want your radiator to be heating up more so than it should because it isn’t getting the correct temperature readings.


If your house or room is not insulated correctly then setting your thermostat to your preferred temperature could result in you spending more money, as all the heat will escape through the walls. Increasing the amount of insulation on the walls, under the floor and in the loft is an important factor to remember when trying to heat your home effectively.


Finding your perfect temperature could cost you more if you like to wander around your home in just a t-shirt. It may be obvious, but it’s important to consider what you’re wearing; if you like to be really warm then make sure you layer up and wear a jumper so you don’t have to have the temperature higher than necessary, this also works well when trying to save money on heating.

Here at Trust Electric Heating we know how important it is to save money while making sure you have the preferred temperature in your home. That’s why we ensure everything is set up correctly and offer you fantastic thermostat options, such as wireless, app control and manual so you can select that precise temperature you desire. Not only that, but you’ll be able to select different temperatures for each room, manage your heating from afar and programme up to four temperature levels per day. Call 0800 5999 109 and get in touch today for your free consultation.


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Four New Staff for Trust as the Business Grows

Four New Staff for Trust as the Business Grows

We’re delighted to say we’ve made several appointments as our business enters a period of rapid growth.

We’ve recruited four new members of staff for our sales, installation and technical function based at Garforth. The move will add to the existing structure and help us to achieve our ambitious growth targets following a recent investment from Central Square Holdings Limited.

John Williams will join us as Installation Manager and brings several years’ experience working in the electric heating market. Mark Rice will join the technical department as Sales Heating Engineer and Frank Bell, a qualified electrician will provide support to the installation team. Leah West will act in a marketing capacity on a part time basis.

Fiona Conor our managing director said: “We’re delighted to welcome the new staff to the business. Each brings their own experience and personality to the role and they will add much needed manpower as we continue to grow our market share of the UK’s electric heating market.”

Whilst John Williams our new installation manager said: “I’m looking forward to being part of Trust. It’s a dynamic business and it’s exciting to be involved with such an ambitious team of people.”

Fiona adds: “2018 will be an exciting year for us, sales are growing and we have some exciting product innovations in the pipeline which will create growth opportunities in new sectors. We anticipate this recruitment is just the beginning of what will be a very productive year!”




From left to right: Leah West, Mark Rice, Fiona Conor, Frank Bell, John Williams 



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Interior Design Trends: Colour Predictions 2018

Interior Design Trends: Colour Predictions 2018

According to House Beautiful there are 19 room-decorating colours that will dominate interior design throughout 2018, including blush, also known as millennial pink, sage, and marigold. Here at Trust, we like to make sure our customers stay bang up to date with the latest trends, so if you thought that our electric radiators only came in white, then think again!

We have a huge range of colours for you to choose from, ensuring that your carefully conceived interiors look absolutely perfect. Whether you want something neutral and elegant, such as Silk Grey, pictured here teamed with white and taupe, or a strong, bold colour such as Flame Red, we have the solution.  


And don’t forget, our radiators have a unique soapstone core, which absorbs, retains and radiates heat in such a way as to keep your rooms warmer for longer. Economical, efficient AND stylish – that’s the Trust way!

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What is Lot 20 and how does it impact the electric heating market?

What is Lot 20 and how does it impact the electric heating market?

Lot 20 is new EU legislation designed to remove inefficient technologies and reduce the energy used by electric products that heat our homes. A directive from the European Ecodesign Directive, Lot 20 came into force on 1 January 2018 and represents one of the biggest shifts for the electric heating market in quite some time as all products must now comply with the new regulations.

In a nutshell, the Directive was put in place to provide a framework of basic requirements to ensure all energy using products would be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

This piece of legislation has been on the table for two years, although those operating beyond the electric heating industry would have been largely unaware of it prior to its recent implementation. So, what does it mean for electric heating?

From January 1 electric heating products will have to meet a minimum efficiency rating which is calculated as a percentage. Electric radiators are all classed as ‘fixed electric local space heaters’, and they must have at least a 38% efficiency rating if they have a nominal heat output above 250W. Each product’s efficiency is calculated by how many energy saving features the product has. In the case of electric radiators this means that all manufacturers now need to include better temperature controls which could include things like digital displays, programmable options and Wifi and or Bluetooth control giving greater management of the product from within and outside of the home.

If you have already purchased electric heaters for your home, you don’t need to worry but if you are in the process of buying or upgrading your electric heating system you must ensure the products installed meet Lot 20 standards.

Lot 20 will affect:

Storage heaters
Direct acting heaters
Portable heaters
Radiant heaters
Electric fires
Gas fires
Underfloor heating
Infra-red heaters

Lot 20 will not affect:

Local space heaters using a vapour compression cycle (heat pumps)
Local space heaters that are specified for outdoor use only
Sauna stoves
Slave heaters
Tubular heaters
Towel rails
Frost protection heaters
Air curtains

At Trust we now offer three different options for the management of our exclusive soapstone radiators which provide superior control and comply with Lot 20 requirements.

For more information on Lot 20 click here

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A Special Announcement

A Special Announcement

We’re delighted to announce that Knaresborough Investments Ltd, the private equity vehicle owned by Steve Parkin, has made a significant investment in our rapidly-growing business. Steve Parkin is the Executive Chairman of Clipper Logistics plc, which he founded in 1992 and which now has a revenue approaching £400m.


This investment will facilitate significant expansion for our business in this fast-growing sector, as the UK moves toward more sustainable energy sources.


We are a leading provider of innovative electric heating solutions for homes and businesses, and our exclusive electric radiators are made with a compressed soapstone core, a natural product that not only provides rapid warmth, but also has remarkable heat retention. Soapstone originates from volcanic material, and compared with other materials has a better thermal conductivity due to its dense structure and mineral composition. This characteristic enables balanced and rapid warming throughout the soapstone structure. Its density also means that soapstone is excellent at retaining heat for long periods of time.


Steve Parkin said: “When the management team at Trust Electric Heating approached me with the intention of securing investment, I recognised immediately that here was a strong management team with a great product in a dynamic, expanding industry sector”.


Fiona Conor, our Managing Director, said: “The team has ambitions to transform the landscape of the heating industry with its products, which offer an alternative to central heating systems and night storage heaters and importantly, support a move towards more sustainable heating solutions.


Scott Conor added: “This investment will enable us to expand considerably, as one of our key actions is to build awareness of our product as it is largely unknown in the UK. It is nothing like traditional heating.”


As you will know if you’ve looked at our History, Scott and Adam boast a wealth of experience in the electric heating market. Three years ago, with Fiona, we decided to form our own company. The investment from Knaresborough Investments will support us in our UK-wide expansion strategy.


“This is just the beginning,” added Adam. “We have some innovative product development plans that are currently in the pipeline, which we know, with the help, advice and guidance of Knaresborough Investments, will revolutionise the market.”


Left to Right Back Row, David Hodkin, Guy Jackson, both Knaresborough Investments, Adam Gould, Fiona Conor, Scott Conor, Front Steve Parkin

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