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How we have arrived at our pricing

How we have arrived at our pricing

The neos radiator is manufactured in the UK which means your guarantee is with us in the UK, we are members of Made in Brittan and proud to promote British Engineered Products. That is an important point as your guarantee is in the UK not with Germany or a company in China.  Ask yourself, if your guarantee were abroad- how long would it take to get your heater fixed?

How cold would you be before this was sorted?
Additionally, the metal & components we use are also purchased within the UK. Our suppliers are from good old Huddersfield in West Yorkshire and we only buy British as it ensures our product keeps to the very highest standard.
We don’t short-change you on any of our manufacturing!!!
What we mean by this is – we do not buy cheap materials abroad and then inflate the prices for huge margins.  We want to give you a quality product that has a great realistic price. The only material we do have to source from abroad is the core.  We use a volcanic rock which is not available in the UK. This is our chosen storage stone as we appreciate how powerful it is at releasing heat -our chosen stone is called SOAPSTONE. Later on, we will explain the reason why we have chosen this rock for the neos radiator.


Scott Conor First let me introduce to our inventor of the neos radiator -Scott Conor who has worked in the heating market for years. Scott is a qualified electrician and has worked for most of our competitors in his early career. Scott has worked with a variety of heating products from gas, oil and electric and became frustrated that all of them had positive points but there were negatives for each product. Over the years Scott has developed numerous prototypes in merging the strengths of a variety of heaters and trying to eliminate the weaknesses of each product.


Let us take you through the creation of ‘the neos’ so you can understand not only why we are passionate about our product, but why its worth every £ compared to other electric heaters on the market.  


We truly believe everyone needs a ‘neos’!

Here were Scott’s 7 steps of creation when building the neos radiator.


Step One  What did gas central Heating have to offer?

Scott has valued the flexibility of gas central heating having the single point of control. He was attracted to the ability of controlling all your heaters with one thermostat as it meant you did not have to turn each heater on individually.

Due to this, Scott then created for the neos – multiple controls. This has given our consumers a choice in how they wanted to operate their heaters round their lifestyle. Whether this is controlling their heating by an app, individual control for each heater or grouping upstairs separate to downstairs.

Our choice of Trust controls can give you many options. Just ask!

Step Two  What could he take from a traditional fan heater?

When investigating a conventional fan heater, Scott recognised that convection is the fastest way to heat a room. For years he came up with a variety of methods in how he could increase the convention process in a heater.

How could he get the room to the desired temperature faster than anyone else?

It took time, but he created quadruple convection which we now have patented as QUADVEX technology. This means compared to the other standard heaters on the market the neos quadruples the convection time and therefore heats the room faster-which in turn saves on energy bills!

Step Three  What elements did he use from a traditional storage heater?

Scott then examined one of the leading heaters on the market which is the traditional storage heaters. Scott appreciated the way in which the stones stored the heat and then emitted it throughout the day. However, he identified the weakness of this product is once you have paid for the heat during the evening then you had to have it whether you wanted it or not as you have pre-paid for it. This highlighted that traditional storage heaters can be inflexible.

Scott wanted to find the most perfect storage stone and after years of research he came across SOAPSTONE. This stone which we import from Germany is superior to all storage stones on the market and this is because it is a volcanic rock and it does not burn, weaken, or deteriorate at high temperatures. Due to its properties it has the ability to absorb heat, hold heat and radiate heat at very high temperatures. It has a history of keeping coal hot in a traditional stove and often allowing a reduced amount of wood to be put in without the need of kindling.

See more on or read our blog on soapstone.

Step Four  How could the conductivity be improved from German radiators?

The company was established by importing the Elkatherm radiators from Germany. These are magnificent heaters in the way they have been engineered to last like all German products. However, one of the main faults is the metal casing which is mild steel. The metal mild steel is built to last, but it comes with faults; it rusts, and the metal takes longer to heat and distribute that heat than other metals.

Scott wanted to find a metal that would have an increased conductivity. He wanted a metal that would heat quickly and then this heat would be forced into the room faster. The room would then reach the desired temperature quicker, thus the heater would turn off, stop using electricity and ultimately keep your electric bills down.

After months of research and tests Scott decided on aluminium as the chosen metal for the neos. Aluminium is a recyclable metal which ultimately is good for the environment. This metal was chosen for the neos casing as not only is it lustrous but out of all the metals is has high electrical and thermal conductivity and conducts 2.9 times faster than mild steel. For you - your room is warmer faster cheaper bills!

Step Five  Aesthetics should be important for a radiator?

Scott felt that most radiators were either
  •  Attractive in design but ineffective in warming a room
  •  Warm rooms but are bulky , ugly and unattractive

The traditional electric panel heaters are slim, they are attractive to look at and can be quite contemporary dependent on the model. Scott wanted the neos to embrace these features. The neos is now the slimmest modern storage convection radiator on the market at only 6 ½cms in depth.

It is attractive in 11 different models and two different designs. Due to the fact we enamel powder coat the radiators we eliminate any chance of discolouration in years to come, and additionally it won’t rust – the neos always appears like you have just bought it!

Another beautiful feature of the neos is the versatility in colour!

The heaters are made modular so you can have a beautiful soft lemon and then swap the top, front and sides and go to anthracite if you change your decoration, the heater is so slim and a variety of shapes & colours they can be positioned as a piece of furniture so they will blend into your room.

Step Six  Loss of heat costs the consumer money

Whilst Scott was creating the neos he was unhappy with energy losses. The majority of radiators available to buy lost 40% of the heat into the back wall, 40% forward as radiant heat and only 20% as convection. What we mean is the front of most radiators looks the same as the back of a radiator. If they generate 40% heat at the front, then they automatically generate 40% into the back wall – this is lost heat that you have paid for.

WHY do you want to be spending 40% of your money warming the wall?

Due to this fact Scott made the neos with cold wall technology. If you see the back of the neos radiator, it has an inverted dimpled effect that causes a draw over the holes at the tip of the dimples. This process causes cold air to be drawn over the back of the radiator which eliminates heat loss into the wall and improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the radiator.

In the long run saving you money!!!

Similar technology is only found on huge heat exchangers and is called serpentine convection, this is designed to vastly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of heat exchangers.

In simple terms for every pound you spend on other radiators you are losing 40% into the walls which is great for the walls but not good for you and your bills!!!

Step Seven  Lower Electric Bills!

One of the biggest barriers when changing your heating is price. Ask yourself the following two questions.

How much will it cost you to buy a new heating system?
How much will it cost you to run the new heating system?

This is where people fall down as they just consider the immediate capital cost. They don’t consider how much it may cost to run? A huge consideration is saving money in the future on your electric bills as these can add up significantly. To do this you need an effective heater that warms your room up fast and therefore is more efficient.

Huddersfield University in West Yorkshire are our testing lab. They have evidenced through their research that compared to many leading electric heaters, in a six-hour period between 17:00hrs and 23:00hrs maintaining 24 degrees we only demand 2.37hrs of electricity. Offering a 59.4% reduction in energy bills.


Why do we have such a huge saving?

The neos is made from the best metal Aluminium , with a SOAPSTONE core, with QUADVEX technology that gives quadruple convection, heats your room faster, doesn’t lose WARMTH into the back wall and saves on energy bills – and you design how it looks and fits into your home!

Then wrap all the above in a 25-year manufacturer guarantee on the radiator that is UK manufactured.

Please do your research!!

Check our reviews on our Which trusted traders website; Electric Heating Ltd - compared to our competitors

All you need is - neos!

For further information please call us on 0800 5999 109 or check out our knowledge centre for further information.

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