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Old Storage Heaters VS New Storage Radiators

Old Storage Heaters VS New Storage Radiators

Whilst older storage heaters were the big trend of the late 20th century, renowned for their ability to utilise cheap tariffs during the night and retain it for use the following day, it has become evident that their lack of controllability is not compatible with our modern way of living. Naturally, with new lifestyles, brings new demands; efficiency, controllability and durability; this is where the modern storage radiators come in.

The newer storage radiators use a regular electricity tariff rather than the night-tariff’s E7 and E10 but rely on their inner soapstone core to emit heat when the radiator is off, consequently using less electricity overall. Whereas, older storage heaters use electricity during the night to store heat in their internal blocks when the tariff is cheaper, and release the stored electricity the following day. Although this type of heating runs on a cheaper rate of electricity, you will be paying a higher rate during the daytime and evenings compared to a regular tariff, and the benefit of the cheap rate electricity during the night will soon be lost, especially during the summer months. Additionally, the absence of simple controls, along with the bulky design might make them a poor choice for today’s properties.

Equally, while the modern heaters have a built-in thermostat, which allow them to release heat when required, most older Night Storage Heaters either do not have a thermostat; or the thermostat is so old it may be completely ineffective, meaning that it can be difficult to regulate the temperature.

Another key comparison between the old and the new radiator heaters is their appearance, the old storage heaters are notoriously known for their bulkiness typically 17 to 20cms, whereas the modern storage radiators are only are 6.5cms in depth, challenging that stereotype, and coming in an array of colours, shapes and sizes.

Both types of heaters have clear pros and cons; running cost, controllability, aesthetics. Also, there are several factors that may affect their ability to warm a room, these include:

  • Room dimension
  • Size of windows
  • The insulation in your home
  • The temperature you are happy with
  • The severity of the weather in your area

Overall, older storage heaters solved the issue of highly priced day-time tariffs of the 1960’s and 70’s, providing an alternative electric storing solution. However, todays demands for heating are very different, our modern way of living requires things immediately, shaped by the desire for a newer and more efficient way to heat the home. Newer storage radiators partially meet this demand, being efficient whilst saving money - yet still leaving behind the debate over gas and electric.

Old Storage Heaters
  • Cheaper electricity tariff – E7
  • Reasonable installation fees – no plumbing required
  • Easy maintenance
  • Efficient to an extent - some use a thermostat
  • Can be difficult to operate
  • Heating vs Storing – you must turn it off to let it store heat
  • Poor Controllability – not a modern way of living
  • Bulky – heavy, ugly
  • Over time, insulation may break down in older storage heaters
  • Can run out of heat by early evening
  • Older, manual models do not monitor the temperature of the room, so you?have to?adjust the output dial yourself

Modern Storage Radiators
  • Built in thermostat – only release heat when required
  • Use less electricity – the stone emits heat when the radiator is off
  • Incredibly?quiet
  • 100% efficient + effective – independent, do not rely on other radiators like gas
  • Save money - use less electricity
  • Durability
  • Slimmer design, wide range of colours
  • Can be more expensive – gas is cheaper than electric + cost to change switch board

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