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Efficient Sustainable Heating for Student Accommodation and Universities

Efficient Sustainable Heating for Student Accommodation and Universities

We have spent two years developing a student heating solution using recyclable properties which offers a 25-year manufacturers guarantee. Not only is the patented heater more advanced than its contemporaries but the integrated thermostat works in harmony with the heater to provide greater savings for student accommodation!

As our radiators are manufactured in the UK we can combine design aesthetics and controllability with outstanding heating performance. The neos range is manufactured in aluminium, a rust proof and sustainable material with 2.9 times faster conductivity than steel. Aluminium is the ideal material for superior radiators, requiring less energy to start the convection process by heating up faster and dispersing heat more quickly.

Current challenges for student accommodation

  • Energy is being used whether a student is in the room or not
  •  Most expensive time Christmas period
  •  Students push for 2 hrs of heat and then may leave their accommodation after an hour – another 1hr of heat being used with the student not present
  •  Traditional Panel heaters burn out after 2 years due to overuse
  • Costly ongoing maintenance
  • Ongoing purchase of cheap panel heaters
  • Supplementary expensive heaters are being used due to students being cold
  • Aesthetics – damaged, scratched, rust
  • Not ECO friendly
  • Not sustainable

At trust we have spent four years developing a smart solution for student accommodation.

The first area we addressed was to make sure the heater maintained the heat in a room in a cost-effective way. This was an vital step as we know this can  dramatically reduce energy bills- as if a heater maintains the room temperature to the desired temperature, there will be no need for a student to have supplementary heaters- as they  cost a fortune to run.

Additionally, not only does the neos radiator convect heat at an incredible fast level the storage stone inside maintains the temperature of the room between 20 minutes – 40 minutes without using any more electricity.

This could be called Free Heat!

See tests below that show a typical student convector heater and an oil filled heater.


The tests above evidence energy usage in maintaining 22 degrees in a 6- hour period for a typical room layout.  Both radiators above are found usually in student accommodation (a convection radiator and an oil filled heater) -you can see from the graphs that they both are using electricity constantly. Additionally, the heaters above turn off when they reach the desired temperature of 22 degrees, they no longer continue warming the space. Therefore, there is an instant drop of temperature in the room.

The neos heater tells a different story.


From the above graph you can see once the heater reaches the desired temperature of 22 degrees the heater stops consuming electricity. With the neos radiator the room continues to hold temperature as the storage stone - soapstone takes over by emitting further heat for over 20 minutes.

Therefore, buying the correct radiator is paramount to saving energy. We know there are clever thermostats that are currently in student accommodation that alert Universities / landlords that a student is using a supplementary heater. What does that solve?

The reason the student has another heater is = THEY ARE COLD !

Being COLD is one of the biggest complaints of student accommodation.  Most heaters in student accommodation are not sufficient in keeping the students warm. Also, cheap heaters will end up costing more on energy bills so start by choosing the correct heater to begin with.

Advanced Student Controls

Team the efficient neos heater with our Student Bluetooth thermostat and you will have the most cost saving electric heating solution for students.



The Bluetooth thermostat allows every student to pair their smart phone to their radiator with a QR Code.  Then the student can control their heater from their bed – a desirable feature for the student!

Moreover, if the student leaves the room with their phone the heater will turn off automatically. If you have pre-set times for the heaters to come on and the thermostat cannot pair with the phone the heater will not turn on – thus not wasting any electricity.

Trust’s Resolution

  • All radiators programmed to maximum temperature and fallback temperature
  • Push for heat is integrated into the radiator
  • No unsightly extra wiring
  •  All radiators have their own unique QR code Student scans QR code and their heater will pair up with their phone with Bluetooth technology
  •  When the student leaves the room the Bluetooth connection will untether, and the heater will turn off
  •  Set daily heat times – heater will not turn on unless Bluetooth connection is found
  • Heater has a 25-year guarantee – no chance of burnout
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Heater is far more advanced in effectively getting the room to the required temperature using convection and radiated heat
  • Quadvex technology -no need for supplementary heating
  •  Heaters are made from aluminium eliminates rust, and colour, modular build which means front and sides can be replaced not the whole heater
  •  Sustainable materials used – aluminium & volcanic rock
  • 2.9 extra conductivity & soapstone rock stores heat and continues to distribute heat without using extra energy
  • Independent CE approved from Intertek and BEAB approved

Ask for our student case study. For further information on our student package ring 0800 5999 109.


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