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Best Electric Heating For A Bathroom

Best Electric Heating For A Bathroom

The bathroom is a lovely place to relax for a long soak in the bath or even a leisurely shower. Though when you have had a hot shower and step out into the bathroom it can be freezing cold and that is an uncomfortable feeling as you pick up your towel and that is cool as well. If you do not have any form of heat in your bathroom this is a regular occurrence for you and especially in the colder months of the year.

There are many options for a bathroom heater that can transfer that chilly bathroom space and warm up your towels to a toasty temperature.  However, with so much choice available, it can be difficult to decide which is the right bathroom heater for you?

There is another major consideration – you cannot just use any old heater in your bathroom as there is a combination of water mixing with electricity – this of course can be highly dangerous.  Therefore, it is essential that you buy a heater that has been specifically designed for a bathroom.

Whatever you do, DO NOT try, and fit one yourself a towel rail or a heater unless you are a qualified electrician.  You should NEVER have a heater fitted that uses a plug socket inside or outside your bathroom – everything should be on a fused spur.


Dependent how warm you want your bathroom the best option can be a towel rail. Most of the towel rails can provide enough heat to warm a bathroom and keep your towels lovely and warm for when you step out of the bath or shower. A towel rail does 3 things: Keeps the room warm, keep the towels warm and then can dry your towels. – such an added benefit.

Most electric radiators do not have a towel radiator and it is considered dangerous to put a towel on them, due to the high temperature that the heaters produce.  However, some do have a rail, but it will only fit 1 or 2 towels on at the most which is huge disadvantage.

That is why towel rails are a perfect option as they can do multiple jobs and another positive, they are usually more cost effective than an electric heater.

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